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Mailing list update
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Joined: 27 Nov 2001
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Mailing list update  Reply with quote  

Mailing lists are currently inaccessable. Rather than enabling them to be set backup today, then moving them to our new colocation facility on Thursday, we will be simply install them in the new location this week. What this means is that mailing lists will become available again in the normal webinterface, http://lists.your-site.com on Monday, March 15.

Unfortunately, all the information regarding lists was lost with the mailserver crash, so all lists would need to be setup from scratch. Mailing lists will be free from this point on, and users will be able to be configure and set them up at http://lists.your-site.com.

March 15 is the planned day to make this live. An update will be posted as soon as it is live.
Post 03-09-2004 10:54 AM
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Joined: 27 Nov 2001
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Mailing lists are almost ready to go. We were shooting for today, but they will not be ready to go until tomorrow.

If you have previously had a mailing list setup, you will receive an email to your master account by the end of the day Tuesday that will tell you the new control panel is ready to login to, and giving you the new URL to go to so you can create, manage and configure your lists.

The one major change from the previous lists is the MJ2 email address in question will now be mj2@lists.DOMAIN.com , as opposed to mj2@DOMAIN.com as it was on the old system.

If you create a mailing list called "business" and your domain is monkey.com, the mailing list address would be "business@lists.monkey.com". This will be explained in the setup instructions once you setup a list.
Post 03-15-2004 05:41 PM
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Joined: 27 Nov 2001
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All people who previously had a mailing list setup should have received an email at their master email address of the domain that had the list configured; This address is your master username + domain name which is the same one you use to login to the current email control panel.

If you did not receive an email I will post the complete email here in the next post.
Post 03-17-2004 01:19 AM
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Joined: 27 Nov 2001
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Dear Your-Site customers,

You were subscribed to this mailing list because you are the owner of a
domain that had mailing lists enabled in our previous majordomo

This mailing list was created mainly to inform you about how to go about
re-enabling your mailing lists and how to use and manage them. We hoped it
could also be used by all our customers to share their experience and
knowledge with each other. It is not meant to be an official support
channel of Your-Site although Your-Site employees might subscribe, read and
post to it as well.

If you are not planning to use mailing lists with your Your-site account,
or for any other reason you wish to not receive any more mail from this
list, you can unsubscribe yourself by simply sending an email to the
following address:


Like with all majordomo mail-commands, the subject of the message does not
matter, only the body of the message is processed by majordomo. In the
message simply put the following line:

unsubscribe mailinglists

Please do not post your passwords, or other private information you do not
want to share with other customers on this list. This is a list that is
accessible to all Your-Site customers and anything you post will be visible
to all.

How can I manage my mailing lists? ==================================

Let's assume that your domain is: ysdomain.com

You should be able to access majordomo's web interface at the following URL: http:// lists.ysdomain.com

Please remove the blank after the slashes in the above URL, and replace
ysdomain.com with your actual domain name.

Once at the majordomo web site, you will need to enter the name of one of
your mailing lists and the corresponding password. Majordomo domains all
have two pseudo lists used for various administrative tasks: GLOBAL and
DEFAULT lists. We suggest you used GLOBAL the first time you login to this
web site. Note that this name is case sensitive, so please use GLOBAL with
all caps.

All domains were created with a master password that is the same as your
current mail (POP/SMTP) account. So that password you are using to fetch
mail is the one you will have to enter to manage your majordomo lists.

Can I manage my mailing lists via mail? =======================================
Yes. majordomo can be completely managed by email. Please consult the
"on-line" documentation for details, or ask questions here, maybe someone
will share his/her knowledge with you.

Here are a couple of examples to get you started :

To access majordomo's manual, simply send an email to:
Replace "ysdomain.com" with your domain name, and keep the "lists." portion
of the address. In the body of the message, simply put the single word: help Wait for majordomo's response.

To get more info about administering majordomo, you could send the
following command:

help admin

Majordomo will return chapters of the manual relative to lists

To create a new mailing list, you would send the following lines to mj2:

approve MYPASSWORD createlist LISTNAME emailaddress@of-list-owner

You would replace "MYPASSWORD" with your domain password, and LISTNAME with
the name you want to give your new list, and replace
"emailaddress@of-list-owner" with the email address of the person who will
be the owner of the newly created list.

That's it for now...
Please do share you comments, problems and solutions with us all.
Post 03-17-2004 01:19 AM
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