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Mail Users - POP & SMTP settings change
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Mail Users - POP & SMTP settings change  Reply with quote  

(Reposted from the Your Site Zone forum)


With our brand new and greatly improved mailservers you might need to make a few changes in order to view your new mail.

In your email program (Outlook, etc.) you will need to review your mail server settings.

The use of "mail3.your-site.com" as an incoming or outgoing mail server is no longer correct as of yesterdays mail system change.

With the change of the mail servers, which was done on an emergency basis, this has changed.

Users using "mail.theirdomainname.com" (as specified in the setup e-mails), should work provided their ISP updated their DNS recently. This will permanently change soon. (see below)

The more permanent usage for mail servers which will be official within the next week, are as follows:

Incoming: pop.yourdomain.com (pop.joesplace.com)
Outgoing: smtp.yourdomain.com (smtp.joesplace.com)

For those using the Webmail interface, You must make sure you are not following a bookmark.

This has changed and should always be stored as the root path of:

http://webmail.domainname.com ( http://webmail.joesplace.com )

- this location is a redirect, so using http://webmail.domain.com will always work if we change the redirecting pages

For those who had mail stored on the old servers, you can access the stored mail in a couple of manners.

The webmail interface will offer the option to connect to the old server directly at the login panel. This would be used to check/read/delete/or forward your mail off the old server.

In a mail program like Outlook, you can alter the incoming mail server to use the old IP address,, as the incoming server. (note when using only the IP address, no names).

The mail admins will be trying to copy old mail to the new server. This however will take some time to do so for all users.

Any other questions, please e-mail: support@your-site.com

Derek - Your Site Support
Post 04-17-2004 03:56 AM

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