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Email Forwarding to aol.com denied
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Email Forwarding to aol.com denied  Reply with quote  

Starting later today, we will no longer allow email to be forwarded to any aol.com email address. Any current users who are forwarding email to an AOL.com address will have the forwarding removed and the messages stored on our server.

Due to AOL's refusal to fix their email parser to properly determine where spam originates from and their threat to blacklist us as spammers, we are forced to take this action.

The problem is that we allow our users to forward email to any address they want. When a customer gets spam, has the mail forwarded to an AOL.com address, then reports that spam to AOL, AOL accuses us of spamming. All AOL cares about is what the last mailserver the message passed through. They refuse to fix their parser and state they don't have a 'whitelist' to add us to. Their official response about this problem is "Tell your users not to report spam". We have tried this in the past and it has not helped reduce the number of people that continue to report the spam.

If you are an AOL member that is affected by this, you should contact AOL and voice your concern on how they determine where spam really comes from.
Post 07-19-2004 01:44 PM
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