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Hurricane Irene Update
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Hurricane Irene Update  Reply with quote  

We're received an update from our data center based in NYC about the upcoming hurricane that is supposed to hit there and the steps that have already to take to prevent any service interruptions:

Please be assured with hurricane Irene's upcoming arrival in the New York area we are taking every steps possible to make sure no service to your equipment is interrupted. These steps include the following:

- We are carefully tracking the storm through the national weather service.

- Performing complete checks of our emergency systems.

- Checking our back up generators to include enough fuel to run the Data Center for an extended period of time, currently we have enough for 72 hours without refueling.

- Checking with our fuel suppliers that they will be able to deliver to us if required.

- We will have engineers and technicians in place well ahead and through the storm

Our tech support office, however, is not so lucky as we do not have a generator on-site nor more than a few hours of battery backup time. If our support office does lose power for an extended period of time, this would only make the members' site, support.your-site.com and phone service not available. All customer websites, email, ftp, etc.. will continue to work. If we do see an extended power outage in our support office, an update will be posted via our Twitter account, yoursitehosting, at http://twitter.com/#!/yoursitehosting .
Post 08-26-2011 10:19 PM
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