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Upstream Network Issues 12-9
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Upstream Network Issues 12-9  Reply with quote  

Earlier in the day, the upstream provider for our colocation center (Where our servers are all stored) had a hardware malfunction in a core router. This router controlled about 85% of the traffic coming into our network. This problems resulted in people unable to access web and email, as well as all other services on our network. The company responsible replaced the router and all connection were back around 2:25pm EST. Even though this problem does not constitue any downtime according to our "99% uptime guarantee", we are offering 1 month of credit to customers for this. Simply email qa@your-site.com with your domain name and a brieft note requesting credit for downtime and we will apply a $7 credit per domain to your account.

We appreciate everyone's understanding and patience during this latest issue.

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