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Colocation Center Move Update
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Colocation Center Move Update  Reply with quote  

Yesterday we started phase 2 of our move to New York City by updating our nameservers to use the ones in place in NYC. No one should have to change anything on their end and there should not be any problems or downtime with any service.

Either late this week or Monday next week we will transfer email there. Once email is finished being moved an update will be posted here.
Post 03-31-2004 10:23 AM
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Joined: 27 Nov 2001
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We will be sending out an email later today to all customers with the updated information incase you need to update this with your registrar. Most registrars will simply use the correct rDNS lookup to obtain the IP address of the servers. Here is the new information for those that need to update. Anyone who has their domain registered through us will not have to do this, as OpenSRS uses rDNS to obtain IP info.

Primary Nameserver:


Secondary Nameserver:


Tertiary Nameserver:


The Tertiary Nameserver IP will be changing in the future once we setup a DNS server on a different subnet.
Post 03-31-2004 03:33 PM
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