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Disk Full error on europa.your-site.com
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Disk Full error on europa.your-site.com  Reply with quote  

There have been reports of users getting errors when attempting to FTP files using the server "europa.your-site.com". These errors are a result of a safety measure built into the FTP software to disallow uploads when disk usage reaches a certain percent. This has been corrected in the software to a more realistic setting. The europa.your-site.com server is only designed to be used when your account is first being setup and DNS changes have not propagated yet. It is not intended for primary use as a FTP server.

Everyone should be using ftp.DOMAIN.COM (Replace DOMAIN.COM with your actual domain name) as the FTP server host name. This server was not affected by limitation the europa server was.
Post 08-24-2004 04:18 PM
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