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SSH Access in NYC enabled for fixing scripts
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SSH Access in NYC enabled for fixing scripts  Reply with quote  

We are getting closer to going live on our new servers in New York City, and have a new update.

This update is targeted specifically at advanced users running PHP, Perl and Python scripts , those using SSI includes and users with SSH access. If you do not consider yourself an advanced user, or unsure if you are running any of the above on your website or are unsure what the above terms mean, please stop reading now. The rest of this email will only cause confusion. Support will not be able to answer questions like “Am I running PHP?”, “What is Perl?”, “How do I use PHP or python?”, etc…Most likely there is nothing you will need to do.

Now, for the advanced, script and SSH users:

We have now enabled SSH access. If you are running scripts on our current servers and they did not work properly on the test servers, you should take this time to login to the new servers via SSH and troubleshoot them. If you have not viewed your website on the new server yet, simply update your host file to point your domain to
If you previously had SSH access but are getting a message saying it is disabled or not allowed, email eddie@your-site.com with your username and domain name to have it enabled. Please put SSH Request as the subject.

There have been many upgrades and changes made to the new servers, a few of them are here:

1) All server are now running PHP 4.3.8. There have been many changes made between the version we are currently running, 4.1.2 and the version we will be running. It is very important that you make sure any changes that need to be made in your code are made. Many old PHP scripts will not work with the new version of PHP. Many variables have changed the way they work. You can refer to the documentation on http://www.php.net for changes.
2) Perl had been upgraded to version 5.8.3. Most Perl mods that are installed and being used have been installed on the new server as well.
3) Python has been upgraded to 2.2.3

Anyone who had previously compiled scripts will need to recompile them.

Users with files that have SSI includes will now only work if that file ends in .shtml.
If you have lots of SSI files and do not want to have to rename them all to .shtml extension, you can use the AddType directive in your .htaccess file in your www directory to enable parsing of all html files on your website. This will cause your website to be displayed slowed, however, then only re-naming those few SSI using files. Just create an entry in the .htaccess file like this if your SSI files end in .html:

AddType text/x-server-parsed-html html

To SSH into the new servers, simply ssh to ssh.your-site.com or shell.your-site.com. These are both the same group of servers. Your current SSH/FTP username and password should work.

We are unable to fully troubleshoot your scripts for you if they don’t work due to the enormous amount of changes made between version of the interpreters we are now running. Many older scripts will not run under the current version. Your best point of contacts are the original authors of the script in question as well as to upgrade the script to the latest version, if available.

Please report any server problems to support@your-site.com .
Post 10-29-2004 03:23 PM
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