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Important: Server Move and Going Live Information
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Important: Server Move and Going Live Information  Reply with quote  

As you should be aware, we have been in the process of moving our web servers to a new high-speed data center located in New York City. Starting on Monday, November 29, we will be live on those servers. So you have a better understanding of the time frame we are looking at and what will be done this week and next week, here is a breakdown of our schedule:

Friday night starting at 5pm EST, all connections to FTP and SSH will be disabled in Boston and NYC. They will be re-enabled Monday morning around 10am EST in NYC. Any changes that need to be uploaded to your website needs to be uploaded before this time. Once FTP is disabled, we will copy all users’ files from Boston to NYC. These are the files that will then be made live on Monday, November 29. At 9am EST we expect all sites to start serving their pages from NYC.

Monday morning starting at 8am EST we will begin updating the DNS for all hosted sites so they will start using the NYC servers within 1 hour of that change.

Those customers using mySQL, the databases will by synched on Sunday evening around 8pm EST, so if possible do not post any updates to these databases after that time. Users with mySQL based message boards we recommend that you disable your message boards Sunday to prevent posts from being lost.

If you did not previously SSH into the NYC servers to fix scripts, then you should ignore this paragraph. Any user who has previously logged in and updated their scripts or files in NYC will find that all the files they updated to be replaced with the latest copies from the Boston servers, even if the Boston files are older than the NYC files. As a work around, we have saved copies of the files that were previously in NYC and they can be accessed via FTP or SSH. They will be placed in a directory under your home directory called premove (/home/$USER/premove). Simply login via FTP or SSH and copy over the files that you wish to update to your correct directory. These files will be available until the end of December then they will be deleted.

Some improvements have been made to the servers. In addition to adding more servers for redundancy, we have also updated the most popular packages:

Java 1.4.2

PHP 4.3.8

Perl 5.8.3

Python 2.2.3

A few changes to be aware of are how FTP and SSH will now work. When using FTP, we now require that you use ftp.DOMAIN.COM (replace DOMAIN.COM with your real domain name) or ftp.your-site.com as the FTP host name. Trying to FTP to DOMAIN.COM or europa.your-site.com will no longer work. When using SSH, we will require that you use ssh.DOMAIN.COM (replace DOMAIN.COM with your real domain name) or ssh.your-site.com. Trying to SSH to DOMAIN.COM or europa.your-site.com will no longer work.

Urchin stats are being replaced with Webalizer. The same address will be used to view these stats as you currently use to view Urchin, www.DOMAIN.COM/ys_stats. Parsing of these stats should start showing up on Tuesday afternoon. The old Urchin stats will be unavailable starting on November 28; before that date you can use the ‘export data’ option on the Urchin interface to get a text listing of the window you are looking at. You can then copy and paste or print this page for reference. If you do not export this data by November 28 you will be unable to access it after this date. The existing raw access logs will be copied over.

If you have questions, feel free to contact support@your-site.com for assistance.

-Team Your-Site
Post 11-22-2004 07:02 PM
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Joined: 27 Nov 2001
Posts: 3373
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We have been forced to postpone the move by 1 week. The new timeframe and schedule is listed in a new post.
Post 11-29-2004 04:44 PM
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